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Next Salon: December, 2017

Edible Excursions, a SF Bay Area food tour company known for its five-star service, invites you to an elevated, thoughtfully curated, newbie-friendly, health and wellness cannabis salon.

Join us for a culinary-focused afternoon to demystify the emerging world of medical and recreational cannabis. Engage with a carefully selected community of local experts in an intimate, accessible, and casual setting. Leave feeling informed and empowered about the benefits of potentially incorporating cannabis into your life. 

No previous cannabis experience necessary. And no bad pot brownies allowed.


What You Can Expect

  • A safe space for newcomers to learn more about the health impacts of cannabis, including its reported benefits around chronic conditions such as insomnia, anxiety, pain, appetite loss, etc.
  • Engaging medical experts, chemists, scientists, farmers, cannabis legal experts, and cannabis venture capitalists to address your questions and queries.
  • Samples of delicious and clearly-labeled cannabis-infused and non-cannabis food items, including chocolates, cookies (including paleo and gluten-free options), candy, granola, oils, teas, tinctures - even barbecue sauce. Ticket price includes a complimentary medical marijuana evaluation and medical marijuana card onsite for those wishing to enjoy the cannabis-infused cuisine.*
  • A savory, chef-prepared, light buffet of seasonal dishes, both cannabis-laced and non-cannabis, all clearly labeled, and an array of fresh juices and artisan mocktails to pair.
  • Hands-on opportunities with cannabis paraphernalia, such as vape pens and dispensary gadgets. 
  • A generous take home "swag bag" of eats, treats, paraphernalia, and discount codes for home exploration.

*Guests are not required to have a medical marijuana card, but you will need one if you plan on tasting cannabis-infused samples. If you don’t already have your own card, MeadowMD provides Curious Cannabis Salon ticket holders with a fast, no-cost card for entry. Note that a 30-minute online consultation with a MeadowMD physician is required. Email for a promo code for a complimentary card.

Due to the horrible fire tragedies in the North Bay, all proceeds from the October 29th, 2017 event are now benefiting MendoFire: CalGrowers Wildfire Relief Fund. Cannabis growers can't get insurance, and because they can't use banks, some of them literally had their cash savings burn. Please help if you can. MendoFire: CalGrowers Wildfire Relief Fund

I had so much fun at the event. The array of vendors and the beauty all around from the space itself was a feast for the eyes. There were so many different sources of information - I especially loved how you had business/investing in addition to that eloquent scientist.
— C.F. San Francisco
This was such a fantastic event! I learned way more than I anticipated, met some wonderful people, and went home with some awesome samples and reading material. I would recommend this event to anyone wanting to learn more about the myriad of amazing applications of cannabis.
— S.O. San Francisco
We both thought it was fabulous with tons of information and opportunity to ask questions and GET CURIOUS. This whole tea situation and tincture possibilities I learned about have me terribly intrigued. Loved the presentation—good timing and jam-packed full of intel.
— M.W. San Francisco

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